Herausforderung: Der Einsatz digitaler Technologien in Rehabilitationsprozessen nimmt stetig zu. Studien belegen insbesondere Vorteile telemedizinischer Assistenzsysteme in der Rehabilitation und Nachsorge, da Sie Patienten individuell und zu Hause unterstützen können. Ziel des Projekts ist die Entwicklung einer gamifizierten Anwendung zur Unterstützung und Motivation von Patienten in der Handrehabilitation.

Automate rehabilitation procedures with gameful simulations and make it accessible (at home)


Datum: Wintersemester 2021/2022

Vorlesung: Exergames


reHAND − Cyber Rehabilitation for hand injuries

Team: D. Braun, E. Alekseenko, V. Rincon, A. Patoary

Abstract: The human hands have a complex structure. Hand injuries, therefore, have a significant negative impact on multiple life aspects. This project presents a Virtual Reality (VR) Exergame to help medical practitioners receive information on improvement rates and make exercising more attractive to patients. The game has been developed in Unity 3D game engine for the HTC VIVE Focus 3. The reHAND system performs an error calculation of the user’s hand movements and then provides feedback on the accuracy with which a user can perform an exercise. While playing, a user should protect their garden from the angry jealous neighbor, who throws trash in it. Accordingly, the patient performs certain hand movements to break thrown objects. Further, reHAND covers such motivational affordances as points (intrinsic game score), levels, and storytelling.

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